Map located below.


The venue for “Antipodean George Eliot” is in the University of Sydney’s Social Sciences
Building, Seminar Room 210, shown in the accompanying map. The route to the venue will be signposted from the Ross Street
The building is on the Parramatta Road side of the main campus in Camperdown. Parking is
extremely limited, and public transport is strongly recommended. Buses travel from
Castlereagh Street in the city, via Central Station (Railway Square), and thence along
Broadway and Parramatta Road.
From Sancta Sophia College, the Social Sciences Building is a 10 minute walk along
Parramatta Road.
So; enter the university grounds via the Ross Street gate. Proceed about 50 m and turn left,
past the Demountable Village: your destination is the next building on the left. The route to
the venue will be signposted.
The conference will begin at 9 am each day.