D R A F T   P R O G R A M


Antipodean George Eliot

13-14 February 2020

The University of Sydney




Thursday, February 13


9-9:15am                     Introduction/Welcome


9:15-10:45am              Session 1: Multimedia


Alexis Easley, “George Eliot and the Market for Poetry, 1834-47”


Robert Dingley, “George Eliot and ‘the Case of Wagner’: Fabrications and



Michael Hollington, “George Eliot, Van Gogh and ‘Haptic Realism’”


10:45-11:15am            Morning Tea


11:15am-12:30pm      Session 2: Antipodes


 Fionnuala Dillane, “George Eliot’s Elsewheres”


12:30-1:30pm             Lunch


1:30-3pm                    Session 3: Reception


Tim Dolin, “The Unhistoric George Eliot and the Australian National Epic”


Joanne Wilkes, “Middlemarch and Reform: Looking Back versus ‘The Thick of It’”


3-3:30pm                    Afternoon Tea


3:30-5pm                    Session 4: Circulation


Di Yang, “‘A la Chinoise’: China in George Eliot’s Fiction”


Julia Kuehn, “From Here to There: George Eliot’s Journeys, Travelogues and Novels”


Joy Redfern. “‘A Community of Interest’: Taking George Eliot to the Modern







Friday, February 14


9-10:30am                   Session 5: George Eliot in India


Chandrava Chakravarty and Sneha Chaudhuri, “George Eliot in Colonial Bengal: The Provincial Novels of Saratchandra Chattopadhyay”


Debashree Dattaray, “Glocal Transitions across Borders: Interrogating Landscape

Ecology in The Mill on the Floss and Pather Panchali”


Ramit Samaddar, “George Eliot in Fin-de-Siècle Bengal”


10:30-11am                 Morning Tea


11-12:30pm                Session 6: Mind and Body


Moira Gatens, “A Roar of Sound: Eliot on Sympathy and the Problem of Other



Sally Shuttleworth, “George Eliot and Physiology”


12:30-1:30pm             Lunch


1:30-3pm                    Session 7: Ethics and Impressions


Thomas Albrecht, “Moral and Multilingualism in Impressions of Theophrastus Such”


Penny Horsley, “Defining Characteristics: Habituation in George Eliot’s Impressions

of Theophrastus Such”


Matthew Sussman, “Eliot’s Impressions of Theophrastus Such and the Limitations of



3-3:30pm                    Afternoon Tea


3:30-5pm                    Session 8:  George Eliot Now


Helen Groth, “Writing about Rioting: The Case of Felix Holt”


Panel discussion of “Antipodean George Eliot”



6.30pm                        Conference dinner at a local restaurant TBA